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Want to win against Romney ? There are two amazing ways …….

Please give this to pro-  Santorum folks … Help Santorum win with this powerful

tool …

Inependent expenditures. You can spend your own unlimited amount of money campaigning

 to help Santorum win- Do positive radio ads, mailers , robo – calls   in any states – negative ads against

Romney. You can do this in  as many states  as you want,  at the same  time without running as a

candidate  ! This is VERY powerful information  not known by the average person.

You may say : ” WOW ! I can do that ? ” YES !  –  SEE  BELOW, SEE HOW !

Separate from FEC POWER TOOLS , but  here are some IMPORTANT talking,

campaign ad and mailer  points – Note : Romney pushing for  amnesty for illegal aliens,

said so in Nevada campaign in Nevada

( Source : Radio News day Romney won Nevada primary )

and is  hiding it as  he campaigns in the primary campaign , On YOUTUBE and

videos of Romney on MSNBC and CNN , says wants legal residency ( Amnestsy ) for 12 -20 million

( all ) illegal aliens.

( Watch  the YOUTUBEvideo , it takes a while in the video for Romney to say it after he compares

Bush and McCain amnesty )Ronald Reagans son revealed that Romney voted for Jimmy Carter for president and Walter

Mondale when Mondale was running for president in 1984 against his dad … Also GOOGLE

‘ 16 reasons why Romney would be a really,.really bad president ‘

…. MORE – I am showing others this – Would you like to, or know a friend with $ who would  like to camapaign on Santorum’s behalf doing own radio ads, mass mailers anywhere in the U.S. ?  Expose Romney on things needed to be said that the Romney biased talk hosts don’t want to say. They are unfairly trying to get Romney elected.



Please give this to pro-  Santorum folks …

Website  –

What is a zephyr? – Yahoo! Answers
Best Answer: it’s a gentle or mild breeze (like in the wind) …
It’s a gentle, refreshing breeze. It’s the name of the west wind …

If any questions, just e-mail me at

Help Rick Santorum win ….

Very Powerful stuff here . Want to win against Romney and overcome his attack message money  ?

There are four  ways I will present here.

One ,  Inependent expenditures, and  two,  A  Non Connected Political Action Committe

 ( PAC –  raising and spending money ). They  are the most powerful,  knowledge that is not  very known 

among  the rank and file, espescially  Inependent expenditures ( spending your own

unlimited amount of money to campaign agains and in support of candidate (s)

without filing to run against them as a candidate yourself.  There are

reasons that this  knowledge  is not  very known  among  the rank and file or average guy :

It is VERY powerful knowledge that can turn your opponent

upside down and give the  win for your guy. It took me years to learn this information

on FEC  campaign laws and  rules  by reading and asking their specialists

a great many questions over the phone. As Ive said numerous times here and it

cannot be over -emphasised The first two are extremely powerful and they are tools

for you the citizen to have a voice when money is at an unfair advantage by the other


Here’s how to get your POWERFUL VOICE TOOL  info  of  Inependent expenditures,

and  how to start a  Non Connected Political Action Committee (s)

 ( PAC –  raising and spending money for teh defaet or support of a candidate(s)  ) – After

reading the information below,  go to the Federal Elections Commission ( F.E.C. )

website  and follow these instructions to get the information and rules

( I called the FEC and spoke with an FEC specialist and was instructed  with the following  ) :

1)  At the Home Page, take your mouse to the left side of the page

over ‘ Help With Reporting and Compliance ‘.

2) Click ‘ Publications ‘.  

3) On the ‘ Publications ‘ page click  ‘ Brochures and Articles ‘ .

4) At the Brochures and Articles ‘ page you will see a list og PDF’s.

The FEC specialist said that from that list you will need

A. ‘Citizens Guide ‘.

B. ‘ Coordinated Communications and Independent Expenditures ‘.

C.  ‘Volunteer Activity ‘. 

Note, Important and valuable infromation : Several years ago I spoke with an

FEC specialist and he said all internet activity expenses related to campaigning

are not reportable as an expense ( Expenditure).

1) Inependent expenditures. VERY powerful and not known by the average person.

WOW ! I can do that ? YES !  ( See below )

2) A PAC – A non – connected political action committe. You can create a PAC that

can grow eventually  a  ‘ Super  – PAC ‘.

3)  Calling talk radio,  with your points prepared ahead of time. You can reach hundreds

of thousands at a time this way . Remember : These talk radio shows are syndicated. That means

a great many people ( hundreds of thousands ) across the country will hear your comments. Make sure to  the most of the

short time on air by the desire to be as effective as possible by making your words count. Don’t

be anxious. Remember : YOU are making a profound influence on air this way.

4)  Phone calling to the voters for your candidate.

Explaination :

 Independent Expenditures : Vey effective, powerful ! Use your own , personal unlimited

amount of money to influence an election for the support or defeat of a candidate (s ) doing your own radio

ads , cable  ads, robo – calling ( automated calls) . You are creating all your own message.

If you do not have the money,  tell a friend who does not like Romney’s ways, friends who have

big dollars to spend. Tell them  that he / she can do this ! Many people rpobaly would respond

in this manner once they actually knew , and say ” WOW ! I can do that ? ”  …..  YES !

1. You are allowed to have your own volunteers help you.

2. You just report your expenditures to the FEC at the required times.

3. You can do ads in non – election yaers and election years.

4. You can do this against or in support of any Federal candidate,

for U.S. President, U.S. Senate, U.S. House , and from anywhere

in the U.S.

Here is a post I posted on Facebook explaining  this powerful method available to you ….

Here’s a way you can make a difference  ! How to do it

with your own money and message and without contribution limits !  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Got money you’d like to spend for your own message/effort against Romney and in support for Rick Santorum ?

I Called the FEC and got the scoop – You can do your own adds, radio, mass mailing, Robo – calls with your

own unlimited amount of money. Do all you want, then as required, simply report expenditures to the

Federal Elections Commission with ‘ Form 5, Independent Expenditures ‘ . Tell the voters the record of

Romney, the record RINO’s and the liberal bedia want to keep from the voters. GOOGLE: ’16 reasons why

Romney would make a really really bad president’, and See,,

Call the FEC at ( 800) 424 – 9530 , See, ……… A GREAT WAY TO THE GOOD GUYS

WIN, DEFEAT THE WRONG HEADED / WIN WITH THE TRUTH -The above is what you are able to do NOT

as a candidate, but as an undividual if you have a chiunk of money you’d like to use to campaign on your own

with your messsage against or for a caandidate. You file and report any amount above $ 1,000.00 and the

appointed intervals during your effort. In this case, against Romney, and for Newt. You can have volunteers or

hire people to do what you want. The sky is the limit. You can do it all over the country from where you live ;

you are not limited to one city, not linited to your congressional district, not limited to your state. YOU can do

radio,TV, ads / mass mailers for the support or defeat of Federal candidates for President, U.S. Congress,

U.S. Senate.

MORE  …. See, Click –    Any who are for Santorum ? I can show them how to help Santorum win in a way that WILL make a BIG difference. Did you see my website ‘ Project Zephyr ‘ ? Take a look, it is awesome information ! Please pass it on to big money guys and have them contact me if they have questions.  I have studied the rules  and asked the FEC specialists many questions since 1999. This is BIG !    We have a certain window of time before the next primaries coming mid March in Loiusisana, Alabama, and Mississipi and others after that. Santorum lost in Ohio ( 66 delegates ) by only 12 thousand votes , and I beleive it was because of two factors : The nationally syndicate pro – Romney biased  talk hosts such as Hugh Hewitt ( they are heard all over the U.S. in many cities ) , and because of Newt still in the race. After Super Tuesday March 7, Newt  won just 2 out 23 states , 15 % in Ohio. Those folks probably would have mostly gone to Santorum had Newt dropped out of the race previous to Super Tues. Mar. 6 !   If we can get  the ‘ Project Zephyr ‘ knowledge to big money people, they can  campaign with their own unlimited amount of money on behalf of Santorum and against Romney and support of for Santorum. This way, one is not  bound by the $ 2,500.00 contribution limit per election to Santorum ( primary and then general ).

FEC rules have what is called ‘ coordination rules. That is: One doing this one cannot  ‘ Coordinate ‘  with a candidate’s campaign to to ask what they might want in the radio ads, commercial, or mailers. With the ONE exception: One can call and ask the candidate’s positions on issues. That’s it. That is not considered ‘Coordination’. If one coordinates with the candidate’s campaign, you are bound by only beieng able to spend $ 2,500.000 on what you wnat to do for teh candidate, and the candidate and you have to repor tit as an ‘ In – Kind – Conrribution’.   They don’t have to spend a million or a half a million to make a big diffrerence. If they can spend  a million the more the better !  If they spend $ 10, 000.00 or $ 50, 000.00, $30,000.00, or $ 1000,000.00  on radio ads or mass mailers that would go far. One can do this in as many cities and states as one wants.   In compliance with Federal Elections commission rules, any person who wants to do this cannot bundle or raise other people’s money together to do this. ( That would constitute forming a Political Action Committee – PAC – PAC contribution $5,000.00 per elction – Primary, General total limit both = $ 100, 000.00  )    I beleive it cannot be from a person’s company business account ( Call FEC 1-800-424-9530 ) , which is certainly correct when a person contributes money directlt to a candidate.    I beleive Santorum will win this way if  pro – santorum  folks have this knowledge and want to spend the money to help this way !   See –

 A  Non Connected Political Action Committe ( PAC –  raising and spending money ) : To

defeat the opponent,  raising and spending other’s money to influence an election

by supporting the election or defeat of a candidate ( s ).

For questions, help from the Federal Elections Commission

Mon – Fri

Call : 1- 800-424 – 9530 , and website Click – http:///

– David Knittle ,  3/7/12


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